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Around the world, girls are 1.5 times less likely than boys to go to primary school, and the gap gets worse as they get older. Nims is a firm believer in equality of opportunity, especially when it comes to education and healthcare.

Enabling young people - and girls in particular - to complete their secondary education affects more than just their individual life chances - it affects the lives of their future children, their families, their communities, and the whole world. Empowered, educated girls and boys tend to have smaller families, who are better able to provide for the needs of each child. A better-educated population correlates to better health outcomes, reduced instances of disease, a dramatic fall off of sexual exploitation and a reduction of overall poverty.

Despite all these advantages, many of the mountain communities in Nepal and Northern Pakistan lack the economic means to keep their children in school. The Nimsdai Foundation’s education & equality initiative aims to provide grants and scholarships to schools in Himalayan communities, in order to enable children to stay in full-time education for longer.

The Nimsdai Foundation will also support critical healthcare facilities - doctors’ surgeries, clinics and hospitals - in these areas, to help give better life chances to future generations. 

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