New Challenges
for Veterans

Supporting veterans to achieve their goals.

Supporting veterans’ future endeavours

A 16-year career in the military - first in the elite Gurkha regiment, and then as the first Gurkha to join the United Kingdom’s Special Boat Service (SBS) of the British Special Forces - helped teach Nimsdai about the unbreakable bonds of comradeship. It also made him all-too aware of the hardship many veterans face after leaving the military - whether that’s dealing with life-changing physical injuries, or grappling with mental health issues like post-traumatic stress disorder.

Time and again studies have proven that mountaineering can help in the healing process, giving veterans a renewed sense of purpose, a chance to put their specialist skills to use, and the opportunity to operate as part of a team.

With this in mind, the Nimsdai Foundation will provide support and assistance to former members of the UK armed forces who wish to pursue their own objectives in the mountains - offering help with guiding, training, logistics etc. to members of Nims’ former regiments and other ex-service personnel. We will also offer expeditions designed specifically to provide mountain experiences for injured veterans. We believe that by working together, we can overcome the new challenges they face after leaving the armed forces.

Nims’ brothers in the military have been behind him all the way, both as a soldier, and as a mountaineer. The Nimsdai Foundation is doing the same for them.

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