Committing to restore, respect & protect.

Working towards a greener world

A healthy natural world is essential - not just for the livelihoods of those of us who live and work in the mountains, but for the wellbeing of the entire planet. Over the course of his career, Nimsdai has seen first-hand the changes brought about by irresponsible stewardship, and the damage caused by the ongoing climate crisis.

Protecting the environment is one of the key pillars of the Nimsdai Foundation’s work. From providing grants to projects which safeguard biodiversity, to promoting the use of cleaner technology worldwide, to initiatives aimed at reducing the impact of individual climbers on particular Himalayan peaks, we’re committed to working at all levels to keep ecosystems intact.

Keeping our mountains clean and safe

Each of the thousands of climbers who come to the Himalayas generates, on average, around 18 pounds of waste, including abandoned tents, O2 canisters, food containers, discarded equipment and, of course, faecal matter. That’s a lot of sh*t to be leaving on the mountain.

Failing to clean up after expeditions isn’t just bad manners, it’s also dangerous. Pollutants from the waste are being washed into rivers by rainfall and snowmelt, contaminating water supplies for local populations and posing serious health risks. On the mountain, there have been instances of climbers clipping into old, discarded ropes by mistake, and falling to their deaths.

None of this is acceptable. Which is why the Nimsdai Foundation launched the big mountain clean-up, a series of expeditions over the next three years that will focus solely on removing as much rubbish as possible from some of the Himalayas’ most popular peaks.

Big Mountain

The ever-increasing accumulation of expedition waste is polluting the pristine environment of the Himalayas. This is unacceptable. The Big Mountain Clean-up aims to tackle the problem head-on.

If you are ready to be a socially responsible global change-maker, you can make a donation on our GoFundMe page.

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