Lobuche Porter House Project

Creating a haven for the ‘Unsung Heroes of the Mountains'

‘A safe, warm, fit for purpose lodge for the Porters of the Everest Base Camp Trail’

The growing rise of adventure tourism and specifically ‘mountaineering’ tourism, has escalated way beyond the imagination of those climbing pioneers of a bygone age. Each year more and more people attempt to summit the world’s highest mountain, whilst thousands more trek to Everest Base Camp.

Visitor statistics show that 57,690 tourists visited Everest and the Khumbu valley during 2022-23.  None of these visitors would be able to achieve their goal if it wasn’t for the ‘unsung heroes of the mountains’ - the Porters.

A Porter is an individual that carries, transports, or assists with the movement of goods, luggage, or equipment. Porters play a crucial role in carrying supplies, equipment, and even the belongings of trekkers or climbers during expeditions in challenging terrains. They provide essential support to ensure the smooth progression of journeys and the safety of all the trekkers.

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Porters typically make the trek carrying up to 20kg of equipment along the 70km route to Everest Base Camp. They sometimes complete this trek 2-3 times a season as this is one of their main incomes.

Project Horizon - Building at the point the ‘earth and sky meet’

Lobuche is a small village located in the Khumbu region of Nepal, within the Sagarmatha National Park. It is a popular stop along the trekking route to Everest Base Camp and is situated at an altitude of around 5,030 meters (16,502 feet.)  

This location presents physical and logistical challenges for the construction of such an ambitious project. Everything required to complete the project must be sourced locally or carried to the site. The environment has heavily influenced the design and construction materials chosen. The selected design considers the impact of the changing mountain weather, sympathetically acknowledges the majestic location, as well as pays tribute to the heritage of the Porters.

The new Porter House will be a fit for purpose and affordable refuge, designed to support up to 100 Porters. Providing shelter and comfort, a place for the Porters’ welfare. It will be constructed using local skills and expertise, boosting the local economy, and will provide a space for community development and cultural exchange for those lucky enough to visit the area.

The Nimsdai Foundation ‘supports people and projects that redefine what is possible for the future of the mountains and those that rely and thrive on them.’  Whilst complex and challenging, this flagship project will support the local communities for years to come. 

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Lobuche is one of the last key stops before Everest Base Camp. Porters currently have to drop bags here and return back down to Pheriche, (approx 10km,) to rest before they head back up to meet the clients to depart EBC the following day. This new porter house saves them approx 20km of travelling.

Foundations for the Future

There are several sponsorship options available for corporate and personal support of this life-changing project. To find out about the sponsorship package options and rewards on offer, or to make a donate you can click onto our Pay Pal account here and select Lobuche Porter House Project from the drop down menu. Your support will deliver real and lasting changes to the lives of Nepal’s Everest Porters – Donate to Project Horizon today.

Project Horizon – The Porter House

The Porter House, Lobuche is an ambitious building project, constructed in the shadow of Mount Everest, where the ‘earth meets the sky’. This incredible project delivers a building designed for the people and the environment of the mountain.

The Porter House will be constructed using local skills and sustainable materials. It will combine shared spaces for the porters, the local community, as well as visiting tourists. Designed to fit within its environment it will use innovative waste management systems and renewable energy sources to limit the impact on the environment.

Nimsdai Purja

Porters are the powerhouses of the mountain community, helping carry food, and gear up and down the Big Mountain trails. They help others achieve their new possible, and we must look after them. The new Porters Lodge will provide them with a safe, warm and fit for purpose building they can be proud of.