Testing the Fuel
of the Future

Supporting the use of renewable energy.

Promoting green energy, for cleaner mountains

The global climate crisis is having a devastating impact on communities in the Himalayas. Increased glacial melt makes landslides, avalanches and flash floods more likely. Unpredictable temperatures and inconsistent rainfall can decimate harvests, while the loss of biodiversity will mean a long-term loss of income from tourism.

Nimsdai believes that it’s high time the climbing community played its part in helping fight the source of climate change. For the world to transition away from fossil fuels as quickly as possible, practical alternatives to many of the devices we take for granted must be developed. In many ways, mountain environments - where devices must endure extremes of temperature and altitude, as well as meeting strict reliability and portability criteria - provide the ultimate testing ground.

Which is why the Nimsdai Foundation will support projects promoting use of devices powered by renewable energy in mountain environments worldwide. We’ll be putting these devices through their paces on every Nimsdai and Elite Exped outing, offering feedback to manufacturers on ways to improve them, increase their efficiency and make further energy savings.

Our hope is that this cutting-edge technology can be used in future to reduce the world’s reliance on fossil fuels, helping protect the mountain environments we love.

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